Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 16 and 17: Snow and Heat

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I had a marvelous time this weekend in the first fluffy, juicy, beautiful snows of Budapest. When I saw the flakes swirling, I grabbed my coat and hat and headed downtown. There is no way I looked like a native in the snowfall; an idiotic and totally sincere smile was beaming from my face even as flakes flew into my eyes. I strolled around in the dying sunlight until the glow of streetlights against the snow amplified my silly grin. St. Istvan's Bascilica was a vision blanketed in white. Fellow pedestrians' images were softer as the snow diffused their silhouettes. The only component missing from this winter wonderland was the Christmas lights that are as yet unlit around town. Soon enough, they will add even more charm to the city.

Sunday, as I recovered from my icy outing, I appreciated the heat filling our flat. First, I recognized that many people do not have this luxury, and I needed to continue giving away coupons to the local shelter. Second, I enjoyed how cozy it got without becoming stifling. In these communist-era buildings, the heat for the whole building is turned on by one master switch, however, I can adjust the level in my room.

Wow, I'm almost finished with these 20 days of gratitude. May the attitude of thanksgiving continue after the holiday has passed!

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Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy December!!! Love you!