Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 4: ICSB and Hot Chocolate

Ahhh. My entire Monday was refreshing. First, I got to share a bit of my heart during teachers' devotions this morning. God always uses opportunities I have to speak to teach ME things. (Whether he teaches others anything, that is not up to me.) How exciting it is to work in a place with a biblical foundation! The International Christian School of Budapest is a marvelous place because God is at work. The people are not perfect, but the Lord is.

I am thankful for the chance to teach at ICSB.

More refreshment came as Kristen invited me over for dinner. Fellowship, humor, and really good food were topped off with absolutely fantastic cinnamon hot chocolate and apple crisp. I haven't eaten so much or so well in quite a while. Thanks, Kristen and Kacie!

And so, the second point of gratitude? Chocolate, of course.

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