Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Summary

The goal of "20 Days of Gratitude" worked in that it got a few friends and I to be very intentional about giving thanks. I did fail to publish my thoughts each day, but I was thankful nonetheless. Here's a quick summary of the last few days of gratitude:

Day 18: Immanuel--the "with" of God--deserves my awe and certainly my thanks. In Jesus, we can have eternal life. "And this is eternal life: that they may know the one true God and Jesus Christ, whom you sent." John 17:3 As I study the book of Isaiah and the prophecies leading up to the birth of Jesus here on earth, I am again amazed by the God who really knows me and lets me know him.

Day 19: Looking forward with anticipation builds excitement and joy. Kristen and I have been planning our long weekend together for a month now. Today, I just enjoyed the possibility and the looking forward.

Day 20: Skype and webcams made this holiday far from family not so far after all! What a great invention. I'm also thankful for the Langs, Yaikos, McLemores, Custers, and Olsens for sharing Thanksgiving (and all their adorable kids) with me.

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