Friday, February 25, 2011

Middle School Boys

For the past three years, in addition to teaching high school English students, I've ventured into the wonderful world of middle school. Each new class of eighth graders wins me over instantly with their enthusiasm, energy, and unabashed love of life.
The current group of middle schoolers in history class just finished studying medieval battle techniques, and they were required to create a video or power point reviewing their assigned techniques. Below is the movie trailer one group of boys submitted to my colleague.

Enjoy the result! They certainly did.*

Have a great weekend,
*Note: Since I posted the video, it has been made "private". Should the boys choose to publicize their work again, I'll repost it for you. Sorry you had to miss the amazing talent of 8th graders with energy, creativity, and  Macbooks. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Surviving and Thriving

ICSB Basketball

We've just come through a very busy season with the triennial Campus Crusade for Christ conference, the International Basketball Tournament, and life as we know it. There have been many lessons and added responsibilities. I've been stretched beyond what I knew was possible and glad that this season has passed, but I'm honestly thrilled with how it all turned out. God's purposes prevail and his grace is sufficient for me. Seriously.

Conference by the sea

Thank you so much for praying for and encouraging me and my students during this time! You'll find updates on the Prayer Requests page as well as three new photo albums on the photo site: the conference, the tournament, and--at last--my apartment.

My flat at Christmas

Next week is an important time in the life of our school. Spiritual Emphasis Week is a time of daily chapel with activities and a guest speaker, extended times of musical worship, and focused prayer on the spiritual health of students. While we aim to emphasize the eternal perspective all the time and live lives of worship, this week is a special addition to the rest of our year. Please join me in praying for growth in faith for students who have known Jesus for years and salvation for many who are just meeting him for the first time.

With love and gratitude,