About ICSB


(Here are the wonderful, crazy middle schoolers!)

The International Christian School of Budapest was founded to supply educational support to international and national missionary families in Central Europe. While the majority of our students are children of North American missionaries, roughly 20% of our students now come from various countries in Asia, and another 30% are from right here in Hungary and Central Europe.  These students and families are in Budapest for business and diplomacy as well as occupational ministry.

Teachers at ICSB are recruited, trained, and sent by different missions agencies and raise their own financial support to come work with our students.  You can see more about the school and the specific sending agencies at the school's website.

ICSB and Eric and Audrey

       Since I was young--and wholly in response to God's mercy--I've been drawn to God, His Word, and His purposes in the world as I understood them. I've also loved travel and literature.  All these loves come together in the life God has given me.
       God deserves every bit of my life since he gave it to me (see Romans 12:1), so I try to live a life of worship.  That doesn't mean perfect results but a posture of gratitude. Through Bible study, childhood mission trips, studying abroad during university, four years teaching in a public school, and a prayer walk through North Africa, God made it clear that He could use His strength in my weaknesses, my interest in international missions, and my English teaching skills to work toward His heart and the end result: every tongue, tribe, and nation worshipping together (see Revelation 7:9-12).

      Through surprisingly clear and quick answers to prayer, God brought me to the International Christian School of Budapest in 2008 where I now get to love and share life with kids from many nations, teach middle school and high school English classes, relate Jesus to real life and literature every day, support other missionaries, learn more about my Savior, depend upon grace, and live in Europe.  What a privilege!

      You can learn more about how I got to Budapest by skimming the blog posts from the beginning: July 2007.  These writings serve as my "ebenezers" or memorials to remember how God has led, taught, and provided.  I hope you will be encouraged to seek this wondrous God!

      Eric has quite a story to tell as well. From days as a houseboat driver and urban volunteer to those as substitute teacher and youth intern, to seminary, and beyond, he has heard and obeyed the command to "Go from [his] country, [his]people and [his]father’s household to the land [God]will show you." Genesis 12:1

      We met during Eric's first year at ICSB, and the rest is history!

      We are mobilized to this work through TeachBeyond Transformational Education Services.  We are full time, ministry partner-supported staff members of this missions agency.  Our training, administration, and finances are guided by TeachBeyond. To see how you can join in this work, click on the "Partner with Us" link.