Sunday, September 19, 2010

Critical Thinking

The first project that is a big hit every year with my freshmen literature students is the mock trial of a character from one of our short stories, "The Most Dangerous Game". The activity brings up moral questions, legal questions, and deeply entrenched beliefs that must all come under scrutiny and rebuttal. The kids dig into God's Word, the literature, and world views, open up, get creative, and definitely work on their critical thinking!

I took a quick, undercover video of the kids preparing for the trial. The first group is still discussing the moral repercussions of a murder trial, the second group is assigning roles for witnesses, and the third group--the jury-to-be--is documenting different philosophies and details discussed in the story.

So, while I process the first 2.5 weeks of school and the faculty retreat from which I just returned, here is a 17 second glimpse of my days at ICSB.