Tuesday, April 8, 2008

T Minus Seven Days

That's right, friends! I will be taking off from the tarmac in exactly seven days and one hour, bound for Budapest. The idea that was planted in my heart two years ago, for which I've trained and about which I've talked incessantly, is now put into action. Incredible.

The mystery of the visa has been resolved and confirmed by the Hungarian Consulate in New York and the Office of Immigration in Budapest. I may enter the country without a visa, as a tourist of sorts, and then apply for the residence permit. Without the delay of bureaucratic paperwork, I am free to leave as soon as possible. So I am.

The truth in all this blur is that I can't understand the abundance and the challenges of this life, and God can. As far as perspectives are concerned, God is in heaven and I am here on earth, so I'll let my words be few. Ecclesiastes 5:2 He is trustworthy, wise, and loving, and I've nothing to fear.
So here I go.


Megan said...

This is awesome, Audrey. Starting a new chapter in life can be so scary, but God is and always will be there with us :)

I'm really excited for you and glad I can stay updated on your adventure!

P.S. How did you put music on your profile? I tried following the instructions in the help section but they weren't all that "helpful," haha...

Audrey said...

It IS exciting, Megan! Hmm...music on the blog: I clicked on someone else's playlist to find the site, built a random playlist of songs I had thought of recently, and explored the site a little. There is a link somewhere to get code for Blogger. You copy and paste it into your "customize" page. I actually have trouble with cookies sometimes; the playlist site is not quite user-friendly. Let me know if that helps!

Kevin said...

Your arrival is highly anticipated by the staff here - especially among those who already got to meet you!! I hope you have a safe and hassle free trip.