Thursday, March 27, 2008

That is the question.

Okay, so there may be new laws in Hungary that allow me to enter the country without a visa. I would still have about three months upon arrival to apply for my residence permit, or so the latest impressively bilingual government official has told me. This could be amazing! Or, we could have misunderstood each other in the phone conversation and I'll arrive in Budapest only to have to leave again.
So, we are all navigating the tumultuous waters of a changing world and its bureaucracies. A decision needs to be made soon, though, because if I do need a visa, it will take about a month to process. This is another example of my limited understanding and God's perfect timing.

To buy a plane ticket for early April or not to buy-- that is the question.


Kristen said...

Is the school and/or CCC allowing you to come without a visa? We were "technically" allowed to, but neither would let us because they had a half dozen teachers last year sent back because they didn't get it done in time. You have 90 days from the date your passport is stamped, or that was what we were told. The school and our mission board wouldn't let us come, however, until we had our visas in hand.

Come mid to late April! April 20th!!! Leave from O'Hare and fly back with me! :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon no matter when that may be in April!

Megan said...

Audrey! It's Megan Spees. My mom referred me to your you can see, I have one too :)
I'm glad everything is in order for you to get to Budapest. I'll be praying for traveling mercies and for your safety when you make it over there. Hope all is well in the meantime.

Check out my blog sometime when you have the chance! God bless!