Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've arrived in Budapest!

Amazed by the welcome.
Addled with jet lag and a bit of the flu.

There is so much to be thankful for from the past six months and from my seamless journey here morning, or ...whatever. I'll have to be more descriptive later. Tomorrow may hold the possibilities for some photos, so I'll do my best to include some.

For now, sleeeep.


Kevin said...

Audrey, where are you? Sorry to hear you are sick. Whittington says your schedule is packed. We're so glad you're here. Hope you got some rest and feel better. See you around.

Kevin said...

What the heck does addled mean?

Audrey said...

Kevin, you and Whittington should have called! ...though I don't have a phone yet so it would have been difficult. Anyway, feeling better. I might get to come to school tomorrow (Friday). See you 'round.

Audrey said...

Addled: (adj) mentally confused or muddled; (v) to make or become confused

Glad I got here when I did to start some education.

Kriszta said...

I have enjoyed your insights in some of your earlier posts... and happy to find that you are in Budapest now!
Welcome in Budapest; I hope you will continue feel loved and at home.

Audrey said...

Köszönöm, Kriszta! I am really enjoying my introduction to Budapest and hope to wrap my mind around some reflection and insight again soon.