Monday, April 21, 2008

A few pictures

In the midst of signing up for Hungarian language school two blocks from the parliament building, buying a public transportation pass to get to said school, experiencing a Hungarian panoramic dental X-ray, ordering my mobile phone, savoring my Sunday morning at a primarily Hungarian church, and meeting many new people, I enjoyed a brief walk by myself in Diosd. This village is about 6-9 kilometers outside Budapest, and the International Christian School of Budapest is located here. Because of my marvelous and caring hostess/landlord, I was also able to get my first glimpse of the city of Budapest (and accomplish most of those errands listed above).

Uploading pictures into this blog has not been possible lately, but two small photo albums of some my adventures can be found at my photosite. You'll find a link in the right column.

As a few more days pass, I'll be getting into a routine of sorts, acquainting myself with more of Diosd and Budapest, and reflecting on this big change in life. I'd like to continue to "seize eternity" by seeing the present as God does and also share my lessons with you. For now, I'll just sleep in order to chase away the remnants of jet lag. Rest has its place, too.

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Megan said...

Wow, you got right into the swing of things over there! It sounds like you're enjoying it, though :)

Oh, by the way, you have great taste in music. I noticed you've got Sufjan and Eastmountainsouth on your playlist...kudos!