Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've been tagged.

My dear friend and current neighbor Kristen tagged me, so here are a few thoughts on a Sunday afternoon.

I am: a child of the King, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a friend
I think: in broken French sometimes and love it
I know: this transition to Budapest will be hard at times
I want: an eternal perspective
I hate: soggy bread
I miss: my family, friends, and dog in the U.S.
I fear: causing harm to others, to the cause of the gospel; misconceptions
I feel: thrilled to be here, content, drowsy
I hear: a slow drip from the shower, an occasional "crackle" from the circuit board over my bed
I smell: residual smoke from the bus line
I crave: a venti, skinny, iced, caramel macchiato
I search: the faces of Hungarians as we try to communicate
I regret: being too sick at the airport to hug my parents soundly
I love: God's Word and His bigger picture through eternity
I ache: with beauty and loss as I stand overlooking big cities that are filled with searching people
I care: about what people think (see "I fear")
I always: want to contribute
I am not: tall.
I believe: worrying offers no benefits
I sing: less than I used to. Why is that?
I cry: at self-sacrifice, attempts at nobility, undeserved kindness, injustice--in life and in fiction
I fight: with myself mostly
I write: rarely since college
I win: Encore! every time
I lose: track of what I'm doin--Oh, something shiny--
I never: comprehend in advance the greatness of what God will do
I confuse: most people with whom I talk for any length of time
I listen: to the conversation happening next to mine sometimes
I can usually be found: at school or a coffee shop
I am scared: of not absorbing Hungarian once my course starts, but I shouldn't. (See "I believe")
I need: to put down roots and build genuine friendships
I am happy about: most things
I hope: to "catch on" quickly here in Hungary
I am tagging: Megan S. and Kim A.--my writing-inclined friends

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