Sunday, June 14, 2009

A flurry

Wow! In the last week or so, I've finished school for the year, packed up my classroom (temporarily. I get to return in about a month to do prep for next year.), enjoyed the help of friends to move to a new flat, learned how to get hot water (temporarily) to flow from the bathroom faucet at aforementioned new place), unpacked a bit, randomly enjoyed a chamber concert under the dome at the Parliament building, tried to say goodbye to friends who are leaving, and packed for a month in the States. I fly out tomorrow. Whoa.

Just this morning, I realized how little time I've taken during this time to be still, to listen to my loving and sovereign Heavenly Father. The list above is pretty self-focused or at least logistical. It hasn't been very relational. May I slow down even as I want to see many people and share all kinds of stories from this first year at the International Christian School of Budapest. May I--as I was challenged this morning at church--stop and consider what my life is worth. This life or my own plans and interests are not more valuable than one other person's life for eternity. Am I living with eternal significance? Am I "seizing eternity" as I've often encouraged others to do?

A frenetic flurry is no excuse to lose perspective. Busyness--even in the name of ministry--does not honor God. Listening to him, accepting his love, and loving him with all that I am is what he requires. I'm looking forward to a 12-hour flight to ponder this a bit more...and fit in a little sleep, too.

See you Stateside!

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Globaleeyore said...

Some great times had by all even though it was insanely busy!