Monday, May 25, 2009



There are many different types of "family" here in Hungary. First, I remember my own relatives: family I miss very much and will see in a few short weeks! Next, we have the family of God. At a joint church service on Sunday, our church of three services met together in a park and studied Acts 2:42:

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

We talked about true and real fellowship, the purpose of the Church, and the family of God. Then, I'm feeling the connection to my ICSB family--friends and fellow teachers as well as students with whom we labor daily. They are so special to me and grow in significance as the time approaches to say goodbye to some.

Finally, the first form of family arrives again as ICSB hosted Family Field Day last Wednesday. Classes were cancelled for the day, and all students and families joined the staff in a nearby field for games, food, and time together. Fun and sunburns ensued!

I was the black team leader, which meant that I got to go with my kids to each station, keep them organized, encourage sportsmanship, and cheer loudly. Oh yes, cheerleading experience comes in handy at moments like this!

Before the games started, each team created a team cheer complete with skits or stunts. All the teams had great creativity, and displayed a beautiful love for their fellow students of all ages. Elementary students were flying all over the place. :)

Here I am using my vast knowledge of stunting to plan the "basket-toss" of a young student. I had to fight the urge to climb in myself. Oh to feel the wind in my face once again as I go flying through the air. (Sorry, old high school habits die hard.)

And the end result:

B-L--A-C-K, Go Black!

"Family" has taken on new depths and meanings for me as I make a home in Hungary. I'm so thankful that God is my Heavenly Father everywhere and heaven is my true home. Until then, I'll enjoy all the "families" I can get.


Kristen said...

You are part of our family here! Love you!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing you Monday - I hear we are getting together at the Cheesecake Factory! Doug

Audrey said...

Yay, Doug! I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys again--and in a much calmer environment, I would guess. So glad that Kristen, Kevin, and Seth arrived safely.