Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Velunk az Isten

God with us

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus as he entered the human world in a humble setting but with a powerful purpose: to save us. The One True God put himself among us to understand us, to take on our punishment for sin even though he was faultless, to die in our place, and to beat the power of sin and death once for all by rising from death.

And he is victorious today and with us . The events that were determined before the creation of the world and that played out in Bethlehem and Jerusalem are relevant to us today, because--wonder of wonders--God is still with us. He will not abandon us in the midst of our busy lives or shortcomings. Jesus still offers himself as the savior and advocate for you and for me.

Who would make a better advocate than one who has been there and understands? This part of God's character and love is always so special to me; perhaps it is even more significant as I feel separation from many whom I love. Immanuel. Amazing. So, merry Christmas! Celebrate during this festive season and all year through, whether you feel close to God or drifting. Take heart: our God is with us.

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