Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinking Christians

And the first place prize for a short story in the senior division goes to...

ICSB's Robert Brown!

pictured here as the comically evil Monsieur Thénardier of Les Mis

   A great delight of my job at the International Christian School of Budapest is the platform from which I may encourage students to be thinking Christians, to love God with their minds, and to worship with their whole lives in response to the Lord's mercy. This spring, my students represented this ideal well at the Short Story Competition hosted by the American International School here in Budapest.
  Several students placed in each age category and dear Robert (keep an eye out for this talented writer and film director) won first place. How wonderful that these students can be recognized for their efforts, worship God with their best, and show the gathered students and teachers from other schools that those who live by faith can also think creatively and deeply in this world. 

After all, we are made by and serve a creative God who holds the mysteries of the universe in his hand.

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