Friday, February 25, 2011

Middle School Boys

For the past three years, in addition to teaching high school English students, I've ventured into the wonderful world of middle school. Each new class of eighth graders wins me over instantly with their enthusiasm, energy, and unabashed love of life.
The current group of middle schoolers in history class just finished studying medieval battle techniques, and they were required to create a video or power point reviewing their assigned techniques. Below is the movie trailer one group of boys submitted to my colleague.

Enjoy the result! They certainly did.*

Have a great weekend,
*Note: Since I posted the video, it has been made "private". Should the boys choose to publicize their work again, I'll repost it for you. Sorry you had to miss the amazing talent of 8th graders with energy, creativity, and  Macbooks. :)

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anniemaringo said...

Very enjoyable. I remember class videos looking a little different when I was there unedited VHS.