Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Much have I traveled in the realms of gold

...or so begins both my summer and a poem by Keats.

My brother and sister-in-law have spent three lovely weeks in Europe attending ICSB's graduation ceremony at which I got to give the Charge to the Seniors, strolling through Budapest, reading peacefully in my newly- (and finally) settled flat, roaming through Prague thunderstorms together, and having some couple's time in Greece before heading back to the States.

I'm so thankful that they could come because it is really important--and fun--to have family around and because they can now picture a bit more of what happens here, what life is like, and what God is doing in Hungary. All this travel is even more valuable than the memories and pictures because it can open our eyes to a world of extensive history and fascinating people of eternal significance. Beyond the lovely sights and hilarious conversations, I appreciate such reminders.

Now, I'm diving into my online New Testament course for Campus Crusade for Christ staff and some English curriculum work at ICSB. Summer marches on. Before I get to work, I wanted to tempt more ministry partners, family, and friends to come visit by showing some clips of our recent travels. Enjoy! Then, come on over to see these fantastic sights!

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Jennifer said...

Fun! I wish I could come visit... maybe someday. =) Glad you got some good time with Andrew & Anne!

anniemaringo said...

I love the video!! Miss you here. We've decided to live in Utah for 3 weeks during July, but hopefully we'll be able to Skype at some point. Love you.