Friday, August 14, 2009

The Sirens Wail

Please pray for the stability of Hungary now, and the saving of Hungary for eternity. As I sit at Costa Coffee to use the internet, I've observed a long caravan of masked and heavily armed police (picture SWAT) swerve around this corner three times going back and forth with sirens wailing. You see, we have a contingent of right wing, pseudo-neo-Nazi types who are gaining some popularity as the economy tanks and people are disgruntled. I had heard that they were going to hold "events" or "protests" or "riots" today to commemorate something regarding Hitler. Sorry for the lack of details, but I'm not very interested in the Hitler-esque ideals of such a group. Apparently, they are indeed having such events which are sending the police out in force.

Also, the murders or attacks on members of the Roma (gypsy) community are becoming more common as people blame them for loss of jobs or the increase of petty crime. If you're interested, see the news article below.

We will face trouble in this world--that is quite clear--but Jesus has overcome the world! The instability or unhappiness or suffering of this life makes eternity all the more refreshing and reminds me of its desperate significance for then and for now. To that end, I'll blog about the Kispest outreach soon.

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Kim said...

I will be praying, Audrey. May God continue to fill you with peace during economic and political unrest. It does make me long for eternity when all will finally be set right and people will not hurt each other anymore. Keep me posted...

Much love,