Monday, November 26, 2007

Plugging away

Typically, I've focused on the intensely rewarding personal side of ministry partner development. This time has been rich with mutual encouragement, affirmation, and love--an atmosphere for which I am very thankful. There has been a logistical side to everything, too, the results of which bring God glory just as the relationships have.
Currently, as I plug away with sharing this ministry to international students with those who might be interested and finding those God is challenging to join me, I've reached 32% of my monthly support need and 65% of the special, one-time need! These results are a reflection of God's care and ultimate purpose in world mission and in me.
Now, may more people choose to join in this important work in Budapest through prayer and giving! God's blessing to you all.

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I can't find your email address! AHH! Email me when you get a chance so I can save it. Kristen wanted to me let you know that she had the baby. They both are doing great. Head on over to my blog to see pictures of Seth!