Thursday, November 15, 2007

how God used a cup of coffee

I was eager to have a steaming mocha at Java River. A visit to this cafe that had offered many hours of quiet contemplation, coffee sipping, and friendly conversation was a long time coming--five months coming, actually. The proprietors had been friends of mine, fellow Jesus followers interested in missions.
After a surprised reunion and the soothing hiss of milk steaming, Dan asked about my new life venture regarding international missions. And the door opened: the joy of being called to a specific ministry with international students, the encouragement of believers as God challenges them to support me, the struggle of faith as December is fast-approaching and my financial totals are not, the faithfulness of the Father to catch me as I "step out on the water" (Matthew 14:22-33) all came gushing out at the counter of a coffee shop. And Dan was interested.
This kind man whom I had hoped to support over the past few years was eager to help me by introducing me to his church leaders!
Thrilled, I sat down for some quiet time with the One who provides moments like this. I felt rested, loved, and ready to go because of this whole trip including the visit to Java River. As I stood to go, Dan stopped me. Why? Because his pastor had walked in, and we needed to be introduced. Shortly thereafter, a date was set to speak to the church!
I left the coffee shop energized and beaming--not from the caffeine, but from the graciousness and provision of our God over a cup of coffee.

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Kimberly said...

I'm so encouraged for you, Audrey! I'm glad that God met you in the midst of your struggle to trust him - that kind of response always encourages me in a huge way. I am praying for you!