Friday, August 17, 2007

Pick a little, talk a little...

So many significant but separate things have happened recently, that a brief review is in order. I'll just give some highlights. First, Kristen and Kevin are at the airport and ready for take-off as I type! Their support has come in and they are heading to Hungary to teach at my school, ICSB. Thanks for your prayers for God's will in their lives and for this ministry!

Secondly, my cousin Jennifer got married in Minnesota this past weekend. They are a loving couple who honor God above all else, and they had an espresso bar at the reception! I call that a win-win.

Next, we visited my youngest brother at Southern Illinois University and met some of his fantastic friends. God is doing so much in and through the young people of Carbondale. It is a privilege to know them.

Finally, I got a much-anticipated visit from some Carthage friends! Andy and Ben came out for a cookout. This dear couple has taken good care of me in so many different situations; it was nice to offer them food for a change. :) Other than these wonderful events, not much is happening in Old El Paso. I'll be jumping through the hoops of the Regional Office of Education in order to substitute teach here until I depart for Budapest. This time has already proven to be special for seeing family and friends even though I had hoped to be abroad by now. I know that God has lessons for me as I prepare to leave. Crossing an ocean does not a missionary make; may I use every day to love those around me for the glory of God.

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