Thursday, September 6, 2012

The heart of my students

After two and a half weeks (with nearly a half interrupted by a migraine) of school, I'm enjoying the steady pace of a newly-formed schedule. Yes, life is a little--gloriously--hectic as Eric and I try to share as much time as possible while maintaining two different homes and teaching loads, but we'll hit our stride, too.

In this new school year, I have some new students as well as many returners. As I get acquainted with my pupils, they offer sweet glimpses into their hearts. Without betraying any confidences, here are a few such glimpses for you to appreciate:

"I've lived in America, England, Croatia, Bosnia, and now Hungary. I'm a little concerned about this new, awkward environment."

"A lot of preachers seem to tell me that I need to do something for God in exchange his 'free' gift. I just learned about Mary and Martha. Spending time with Jesus and enjoying Him might be more important than doing missions."

"I'm concerned about what my future holds. I have big dreams that I feel insecure about."

"I wish everyone understood that I love God really much."

"I wish everyone understood that though I couldn't speak actively because my English is not good, but I want to have fun with [classmates]."

"Everyone thinks that I try too hard to be different, but really I'm trying to be me."

Aren't they dear?

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