Thursday, August 16, 2012

Video Update! A Day at the Zoo

After a summer of planning a wedding, traveling to meet future in-laws, taking recertification classes for the State of Illinois, and preparing my flat for an eventual move--whew, let's pause for just a moment--my fiancé, Eric, and I headed to the Budapest zoo. I've been to this place before with my other family, the Yaikos, but Eric needed to check it out for the first time. He's hoping to take a field trip there with one of his middle school science classes.

While we wandered around among the throng of young families, we made a video update for Eric's blog series.

The new school year will start in a little over a week. Our new teachers are currently in orientation while some of us veteran teachers are preparing our rooms and curriculum. In addition to Eric's science classes and field trip prep, he is reviewing his ancient history in order to add a new class to his schedule. I'm reviewing and will continue to review my writing curriculum this year. All of us hope to educate, prepare, and inspire our students to know Christ, to think independently, and to become effective and relational citizens in this world.

We have quite a charge! Eric and I are looking forward to this transitional time together. Pray for us!

In and with love from Budapest,

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Kristen said...

Lovely video of Uncle Audrey and Auntie E! I also love how my kids not put your names together all of the time...and it didn't take them that long. ;) And you'd better believe we're your other family! Love you, dearest friend1