Thursday, October 13, 2011

Perseverance in the Mundane

Rick Stafford just returned from 2.5 years of walking the Amazon. "Although everyone would like me to say that the hardest thing has been our encounters with (indigenous residents) pointing bows and arrows at our chest, for me that wasn't the hardest part," Stafford said last month, " ... the adrenalin kicks in and you deal with exciting, potentially dangerous moments like that easily."
"It's been the mundane that had really challenged me," he said. "... The weight of the rucksack, the basic food, the constant mosquito bites, the constant thorns. The little things that in a two-day expedition wouldn't bother you have been the things that have actually been challenging."

I appreciate this reminder for myself and for my students. The God of the obvious challenges, the high points, the retreats and mission trips is the God of the every day, too. He is just as powerful, loving, and active as we go about our grocery shopping, our family living, our daily labor. I'm challenged to experience God in the "mundane" and to discover so much more under the surface.

This post is a bit dated. I wrote it upon Stafford's return but didn't actually publish it until now. The truth remains.

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