Thursday, April 22, 2010

Az első Vidám Vasárnap

Resurrection Sunday

This post is a little late, but the joy and hope of Easter/Resurrection Sunday last beyond the official holiday, don't you think?

A church here in Budapest decided to make use of a growing trend of dance to bring the joy of Christ to our city. All around Europe (and maybe elsewhere, too), in train stations and malls, groups of people "spontaneously" burst into dance and then put it on YouTube.

Well, Easter Sunday morning, a huge crowd from Hit Gyulekezet (Faith Church) headed to the popular historical and tourist site called Heroes' Square. They blasted the area with a fun song about the great light that burst through on Easter. Jesus is the Messiah! The whole crowd performed a dance right there in the square. Awesome.

Here's the YouTube video in the original Hungarian. So cool!

After you enjoy the song with the words as people are singing them from the heart, you can check out the same event with a similar--not exact--English version to learn more about the message.

It is exciting to think of a growing movement to Jesus in Hungary! Join us.

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Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the “Next Blog” button in the Nav Bar at the top of my blogspot blog. I occasionally just check out other blogs to see what others are doing.