Thursday, October 22, 2009

új imázsfilm Budapestről

New Image Film from Budapest

This weekend, Hungary celebrates--or rather, commemorates--the attempted 1956 revolution against the Soviets. October 23rd has become synonymous with Hungarian spirit: freedom, courage, and determination in the midst of oppression. This holiday also reminds us of the great efforts here that perpetuated the movement to bring down the Iron Curtain. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary this year!

I'll actually be out of the country during this national holiday, but I'll offer a bit of Hungarian celebration before I go.

Below, you will find a video produced by a guy from my church. His purpose is to highlight innovation and business successes here in Hungary. While the images don't represent the common lifestyle here (there aren't that many BMW's), there are real, sweeping views of our finest streets and of course of the River Danube. So, please take four minutes to enjoy the trumpeting of Hungarian contributions to the world and some great pictures of my dear Budapest.

If the image is cut off, double-click to see the full screen.


Andrew said...

Hmm... Budapest, get engaged...

Andrea said...
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