Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's raining, men

This rainy morning, I boarded the 6:35 bus for Diósd--a bus 25 minutes earlier than my normal one--and promptly noticed two things. First, the bus driver was exceptionally polite as I greeted him ( "Jó reggelt") and second, the bus was full of men. I do not exaggerate. Most volán buszes headed out of the city in the morning have several empty seats, since most commuter traffic is going into Budapest. This bus was full, and every passenger was male.

That would explain the excessive chivalry from the bus driver as this lone, shivering woman clamored aboard and will come in handy later.

I felt a bit uneasy for a little while as passengers near me started to stare, but then I got into a good (silent) conversation with God and was distracted. Then, when the bus stop at which I had to disembark because of my cheaper bus pass arrived, the driver continued on. He drove across the highway overpass and dropped me off much closer to ICSB. What a gift! That walk across the M0 can be nice, but the wind and rain of this particular morning would have made it miserable.

As I climbed off the bus, my mp3 player switched from more worshipful music to the ever-so-slightly offensive 1982 classic, "It's Raining Men". The quick walk from the testosterone-filled bus through the rain to school had me laughing all the way.

Not only did God keep me perfectly safe in an awkward situation, He has a serious sense of humor.


renaty said...

Hello Audrey, you don't know me. I am brasilian and I'm cristian too. Next semester I will live in Budapest for study in group Essca, and I like know people that live in budapeste. My american friend work whit campus altrich(I don't know how writen) in Brazil and he give your blog but he don't know you too. Well, I like know a group that love God as me...I think is it...Renata Eller
If you have face book you can add me.

Audrey said...

Hi there! I would love to add you to Facebook. Actually, I couldn't find you. Could you "add" me instead? So nice to meet you!

renaty said...

Audrey I don't find you too. What your complete name? My all name is Renata Eller Santos. If you can, You can try find me again. Nice to meet you too, girl.