Monday, February 11, 2008

A- is great, but I'm reaching for perfection

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have reached 90% of my monthly support needs! God is not only mighty to save, but He is more than able to provide for the life He gives me. Loving people have stepped forward to join in this ministry to international students in Budapest, and I've checked my math. The result is 90% exactly!
Wisely, Campus Crusade for Christ requires their staff members to be fully-funded before leaving, so I still have progress to make. I cannot adequately describe the exhilaration of knowing that the total is closer, though. Glee sounds about right.
Please pray that I will finish well what God propelled me to start five months ago: finding ministry partners God is prompting. Also, the logistics of moving had been in the background but are necessary pretty quickly: airfare, visa, shipping of books, a home, etc. Ah, the lovely chaos is breathtaking.
This is getting exciting. Budapest in the spring? May it be so!

Love to you all...



Woo Hoo!! How exciting! We CAN'T wait for you to come!!!

Kim said...

*sniff* I can't believe you're really leaving! But I'm praying for you and I wish you Godspeed in the rest of your fundraising and preparations. We will miss you here in the States!

Justin Unbounded said...


Hey! I found you blog through the Yaiko's blog. We're glad you're coming and we're glad you're so close to 100%. The last 10% comes in pretty fast so we will definitely see you in August. I teach science but I'm looking forward to meeting you.

mike waskosky said...

I was just googleing CARPE AETERNITATEM and I found your site, i pray that God Blesses you. My friend went to Budapest Hungry for her 8 month internship with Bethany College of Missions, I went to Sarajevo, Bosnia. If you get the chance make sure you travel across Southern Europe it is beautiful. God Bless.